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Why Hugh & Jane Oldham?  




        Low Maintenance


              46 years in the business

                400+ Shows: performer, narrator, airboss

                Pilot: Aerobatic, Corporate, Jump


                Veteran: Viet Nam, Army & Air Force veteran


Hugh Oldham has a long history in the entertainment business and has been narrating air shows for over 40.  He attended first air show in 1952;  performed in his first air show 1968, and his first house announcer gig was in 1976.

Integrating experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and humor, Oldham's commentary is accurate and entertaining, designed to add to the average spectators’ enjoyment of the event. His up-beat, high energy delivery takes your spectators into the action, pleases your sponsors, and communicates your message.

(Oldham as USSR Colonel General Ifititches Scratchit, narrator of L-39 Demo Team)

Oldham’s narration style draws on a varied background in aviation.  A former military and civilian aviator with over 3,000 hours; a  RVN veteran; he has been a military air traffic controller, a parachute jumper, a crash helmet tester, a radio disk jockey, news and play-by-play radio broadcaster.  He has looped and rolled across the sky in many different types of aircraft and even rode atop the wing of Ron Shelly’s 450 Stearman.  Oldham has appeared in several nationally syndicated PM Magazine segments, on the A&E Network’s Dare Devils series and as an the on-air commentator for WDRB Fox 41's TV live TV coverage of Thunder Over Louisville.   He can narrate in the “first person” ‘cause he has been there, done that, earned the scars and has the tee shirt!

  With his broadcasting experience, Hugh can hold his own with any "Morning Zoo" Radio Crew and effectively interact with the local media outlets and increase the air shows publicity and market penetration. Here Oldham is seen hamming it up, and receiving much deserved abuse, from Greensboro, NC, TV personality, MayCay Beeler, and Co-Announcer, Dale Brisson. (Editor's Note: Dale and Hugh's hair is much grayer now, but May Ca still looks great!)


Oldham performed in his first air show in 1968, in Lancaster, SC.  He was the Self-Retrieving Wind Dummy for the US Army’s Fort Jackson Parachute Team.  His involvement in aviation presentations goes further back than that, in the early ’60’s, Hugh and some junior high friends flew model airplanes at a shopping center every Sunday afternoon.  The local ice cream shop sponsored them. They drew a crowd and that helped sell ice cream.  It was a trade-out deal; Oldham and friends got all the ice cream they could eat.  He learned early what entertained the crowd and how to turn that crowd into customers for a sponsor.  

Hugh served his air show apprenticeship as a parachute jumper then earned journeyman status as the narrator, ferry pilot and defacto manager for the Skyhawks Aerobatic Team.

FAA Logo

Oldham has always been active in improving as well as promoting the air show industry.  He is a long time member of the International Council of Air Shows’ (ICAS) serving on the ICAS Board of Directors 1999 to 2002. Additionally serving on ICAS Air/Ground Safety Committee and two terms on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Regional Council of Air Shows (SERCA).  Hugh was involved in the early development of the ICAS/FAA Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE) program, meeting with FAA officials in Washington and promoting the program within the air show community.  He actively campaigns to increase air show safety and has written several technical reports on aviation/air show safety related subjects.  His writing regularly appears in national and regional aviation publications including a monthly column in World Airshow News.  His expertise and reputation resulted in his appointment as a Designated FAA air show Safety Monitor by the South Carolina Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) during a FAA manpower shortage in the late ‘80’s.       



Hugh’s aviation background is balanced by Jane’s lack of the same.  



What, at first, could seem to be a negative for this narration team has proven to be a positive for the spectators.  Jane’s perspective, from outside the aviation community, is like that of most of your event’s spectators and sponsors.


Like most people attending your event, Jane is not “into airplanes,” therefore adding a non-technical, non-aviation perspective to the presentation.  As she programs the music, works the sound board and passes information and scripts to Hugh, she influences the stream of commentary to be more inclusive of your event’s total audience.  The result: a presentation that is much more entertaining to a much broader segment of the general population; still with plenty substance for the techno buffs but understandable to the non-engineer or non-aviator.



These Professionals are Part of the Solution:





Jane and Hugh are tireless workers at making your event a success.  They bring to your show knowledgeable, experienced professionalism and energetic enthusiasm.  They carry full bags of entertaining music and scripts that leave no room for egos or pretentiousness.  This pair is part of the solution, have no problems with the concept of “boss,” and know when to shut-up, dig in and work! 





Equally at home working with the most important person in the state (SC Governor Mark Sanford, left) to the most important person at the air show (right), the Pro air show Team can make positive things happen.



Yes, there is a fee involved and yes, they may cost more then the "local guy."  If  your event is aiming low, targeting the mediocre, just want to get by, then the Professional air show Narration should not be your choice.  However, if  you want to Aim High, exceed the expectations of your show's audience, meet the overall objectives of your event and build a solid foundation to repeated success - you have found your narration team. 

This "Can Do" attitude and broad based experience gives this team a unique perspective narrating the air show's routines.  Their abilities have been noted:  


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