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"Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it."

-George Santayana


During the late 80's and continuing into the early 90's the airshow industry faced serious safety issues and the many public media reports were putting pressure on the airshow industry and especially the regulators (FAA & CDOT) to clean up what was perceived as a major public safety issue. 


The major catalyst of this was a extreme and highly publicized number of airshow accidents headlined by the Ramstein AFB Open House catastrophe on August 28th 1988.


In 1991 ICAS responded to this situation with the formalized implementation of an expanded the ACE Program (Aerobatic Competency Evaluator).  (see World Airshow News article Jan/Feb '91)


Although the ACE Program suffered growing pains, was not well received by some and seems to be an encumbrance to new airshow performers it has accomplished its goals.  The improved competency of airshow performers, as reflected in reduced accidents/fatalities, has lead to an overall improvement in airshows and alleviated the political pressures on the regulators.


Both the actual fact and the politically perceived value of these safety improvements must be protected. (see "Flagler Airshow")


Those who grouse about the ACE Program need to be reminded of the political climate and the clouded uncertain future of the airshow industry during this period. 


With the continuing safety issue debate within the airshow industry, those who would want to return to the "old days" need to be reminded as to how close we came to losing the privilege of performing airshows in North America.


Presented here are TV programs, aired by the national media, that are germane and informative of that era and the political situation faced by the airshow industry.




Initial Reports of the Ramstein Accident,  August 28, 1988


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 "NBC Nightly News" Report aired Monday, August 29, 1988


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Documentary report per the 1988 accident aired c 1992 or 93


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"Inside Edition" segment aired Aug 1993


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